Be buried alive!

Help Norbert, the coffin tester, to reach the surface! Fight off vicious rats, scary zombies and ferocious scarabees.. Underground ‘monster parts’ can be collected that will enhance Norbert’s powers. This all results in the killer mini-game Terror Tsantsa!

  • Experience original and exhilarating gameplay
  • Enjoy the innovative freedom of playing without a console
  • Marvel at the splendid graphics


Don’t miss this Free chance… you are going to ‘dig’ this game and see how you can survive this underground turmoil!








Muffin’s Coffins’ Storyline

Have you ever wondered how it would be to be buried alive? Tight spaces, total darkness and little oxygen…  This is your chance!


This is the story of Norbert, a guy who always seems to draw the short end of the straw.  He got bullied on school and took karate lessons to overcome his fears. In short live has never smiled at him.


To get a job at last, he applies for a job as a professional Coffin Tester. Guess what! The business is run by two of his former bullies: Mortimer Muffin and Octavius. He is hired immediately.


For proper testing, the quality of the tests of the coffins are done deep under ground. When testing Norbert’s life is threatened by vicious rats, terrible zombies and creepy scarabees.

But there is more! A prophecy that  will give persons unlimited amount of powers.


This could allow Norbert to end his miserable life once and for all. By collecting all underground ‘monster parts’ the powers will come to him.


In Norbert’s pursuit of happiness the biggest threat is Mortimer Muffin. he has heard about the prophecy as well and has planned to steal the parts to obtain the powers himself.


This will result in a killer endgame where Norbert will face his arch enemy face to face!